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it is important to recycle correctly as this makes for clean collections and clean, uncontaminated collections are how a good price is obtained that then sustains local recycling
and also extends the life of our 
County's limited Landfill space.


Recycle only clean, dry food and drink cans

Use a magnet to determine steel or aluminum. Steel will stick.

No need to crush or remove labels.

Places cans loosely in the bins or trailers

-Scrap metals are chemical cans, baking/pie tins and aluminum foil. Dispose at landfill bin.


Remove any packing material - Styrofoam, plastic, metal etc from each box and flatten all boxes

Recycle brown paper and paper shopping bags with the cardboard

-TRASH any cardboard lined with aluminum, wax or plastic. 


Paper includes newspaper, newsprint, opened junk mail, catalogs, magazines, office paper,

school and notebook paper, tablet paper, fiber board boxes such as pop and beer can boxes,

cereal, tissue and similar boxes plus frozen food boxes. 

-TRASH your paper plates/cups, tissue and wrapping paper, paper towels. plastic coated paper, 

and sewing tissue paper patterns. 


Clean and dry plastic numbers 1, 2, 3,4,5,7 and Tetra Pak containers can be recycled together locally.
NO Styrofoam plastic #6, bubble wrap or plastic bags. 

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