Recycling Tips

Carefully read posted signs and recycle right.
it is important to put the correct items in the right place as this makes for clean collections.
Clean, uncontaminated collections is needed to obtain a good price that will
sustain local recycling.

Your recycling is extending the life of our limited landfill


  • Mixed office paper and mail, is not the same as newspaper/ newsprint.

  • Do not throw tissue paper, tissues, sewing patterns and paper towels in with paper. Just toss them into your own trash.

  • Mixed paper includes catalogs, magazines, mail, file folders, and copy paper.

  • Keep your newsprint (which is white and is often used to wrap breakable items during moving) and newspaper together and separate from all other paper.

  • Plain brown paper, including brown shopping bags goes with cardboard.



  • Keep aluminum and steel cans separate! Magnetic strips are at the windows of the Recycling Center to make it easy to tell. Aluminum is non-magnetic so it won’t stick to a magnet. Some cat food cans are aluminum and others are steel. Use a magnetic to keep them from getting mixed. Please empty and rinse pet/food containers before recycling.

  • Recycle aluminum beverage containers.

  • It is no longer necessary to crush cans

  • Pie tins or foil is trash

  • When it comes to steel, please only recycle cans that have held food, not chemicals. Chemical cans may be thrown into the scrap metal bin at the landfill along with pie tins.

  • No liquids in cans, it makes it messy and stinky, especially beer. It is appreciated and helpful to rinse out beverage cans.

  • It is no longer to remove the labels.Please don’t put your cans in plastic grocery bags or boxes.


  • Flatten your boxes to provide more space for others to deposit their cardboard.

  • Plain brown paper, including brown shopping bags goes with cardboard.

  • No aluminum-lined cardboard can be recycled.

  • Remove styrofoam and toss in landfill.

  • Remove plastic handles on boxes.

  • Remove metal cutter on food storage rolls.

  • No wax coated containers—like milk, juice, broth containers. Toss in the trash & recycle your Tetra Pak cartons with plastic. 


Plastic (except Styrofoam #6 and bags) and Tetra Pak containers can be recycled locally at Altitude Community Fitness with the purchase of one of their bags for $5.